• What are the organsitional benefits from this training?

    In this training, you will be able to better understand Indigenous culture and engage more appropriately with Indigenous Australians. In other words you will be able to create a level of cultural safety.

  • What makes this type of training different from others?

    This training is unique as it is done live in real-time via online software. It is interactive and individuals on the training can get answers to their questions. Also, their is NO LIMIT on how many people can attend this training.

  • Can we focus the training on certain points more then others?

    Yes we can. You can let us know what the needs are in your business or the topics that you want our training to be more tailored to.

  • Do you get access to any other online resources?

    Yes you do. You will get 12 months access to our online Indigenous Cultural Awareness Courses as well. This access is available for all your staff members (unlimited user access).

  • Can you record the training?

    Yes you can. If you want to share the training with someone who has missed it, or you want to replay the training to highlight certain points, you are more then welcome to do so.

  • How long does the training go for?

    In most cases 2-3 hours.

  • What equipment and software is needed?

    The software we use is Zoom Meetings. This software works on most smartphones and computers.

  • Can this training be delivered at an executive level?

    Yes it can.

  • Got more questions that you want answers to?

    Just click on the enquiry button on this page and send us a message and we will get back to you straight away